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New, Safer Packaging–Same Excellent Quality!

Amanda Moon - Public Relations

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March 4, 2019

Jimmy Yarborough, our Products Production Manager, gave us some cool insight on our new shipping process involving Storopack’s foam packaging!


What did we use for packaging before?

Previously, we had a specially engineered box. There was a box engineer who built us a special sleeve we would slide each individual light into. We would then take the sleeve and put it into a small box. The sleeves would immobilize our lights for shipping, so we could ship without peanuts or extra materials. It was an elegant solution, yet expensive. If we were shipping out fifty lights, that involved putting 50 smaller boxes into bigger boxes. About eight of smaller boxes fit into each large one.


How did we learn about the new packaging options?

Looking for an alternate way to do our packing, Mike [Claypool, VP of Production] did some research, found out about Storopack’s products, and we set up a demo. We were very impressed, and switched over quickly.


What are the new features of this packaging?

Now with the Storopack foam, the lights go into a box by themselves and we surround them with this expanding foam. 12-15 lights fit into one box. It’s a huge shipping savings for both us and the customer, depending on who is paying for the shipping. If you utilize the foam system correctly, it’s virtually foolproof. It took some experimenting getting the volume of foam right.


Shipping all over the place, we’ve had no incidents. A couple of customers have even commented how well packed everything is. When it hardens, it’s a firm foam with cushioning. The film is touching the unit, so there’s no chance of scratching the unit itself. It looks great!


We can use this for almost everything, even the followspots. We make endcaps out of the foam for each end of the tube, and secure the center a different way.


Below is a quick video of the process.




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What were the problems we were having before (if any) and how has the packaging process been improved by the new process?

For your average light, there were no real shipping issues. The sleeves we had worked well. Everything was packaged in such a way that even if units were to be dumped out of a truck, they’d be okay. The sleeves were manufactured for the typical sized RETRO, but for the custom ones (PAR rings, extensions) with special dimensions, sometimes the pieces didn’t fit well and weren’t as secure. The standard light to standard light benefit is cost. The Tear Weight is less. The weight of the shipping materials itself is less, using fewer boxes helps cut down on shipping as well.


Overall, CantoUSA is constantly looking for ways to be more efficient, help streamline processes, and ultimately make sure that the product arrives undamaged everytime. This is just one of many processes we’re working on in-house in order to better service our clients’ needs.






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