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Customer Email: April Fools’ Day Edition

Amanda Moon - Public Relations


April 1, 2019

RE: Recent Installation and New Followspots

Mon 4/1/2019 11:55 AM

To: CantoUSA Team < >


Dear CantoUSA Team,


We recently ordered 32 RETRO-Classics™ and two Astro 500 followspots for our high school auditorium. We are extremely happy with the new look of our auditorium, except for the following:


-The crisp, clear light of the RETROs have made it very apparent we need a new coat of paint on our walls, and our seats replaced! The drama and music teachers are having color swatch battles and the financial team is standing steadfast in their decision to not add the expense of the paintjob and seat replacement to this—or next—year’s budget. You can see every spot of gum left on the seats and the fabric is very 70s orange now under the RETRO lights.


-Our lead stars in our spring musical don’t want to kiss onstage now that they can see each other’s faces clearly in the brightness of the ASTRO 500s! The technical director is rethinking several roles, and the make-up and costume designer ordered hundreds more dollars in cosmetics for the show.


It’s a mess! But, a bright mess thanks to the beautiful new lights!





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