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CantoUSA RETRO Series Customize

Customizing RETROs to Your Needs

Amanda Moon - Public Relations

June 11, 2019

The RETRO series was designed and patented around the idea that it’s a singular, modular LED engine that we can make a wide variety of attachments to best fit the lights into your specific can sizes. We frequently do custom orders for all the unique needs of the different venues we provide lighting for...

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CantoUSA Westwood High School RETRO Install

Brighten Your Day With Our RETRO Series!

Amanda Moon

June 3, 2019

We have written about several of our jobs featuring RETROs, and wanted to compile a few into one place for you to see multiple before and after comparisons. Our retrofits are a direct replacement of existing incandescent lamps in a wide range of applications. Specific socket adapters enable easy installation, and we have custom and standard mounting options available. RETROs are perfect for houses of worship, auditoriums, concert halls, convention centers, arenas, lobbies, and museums...

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A Conversation with John Luhrs, Our General Manager

Amanda Moon - Public Relations

May 7, 2019

Why does CantoUSA “focus” on houselights and followspots as its products? The follow spots and houselights are the two product lines that we started with and they remain our two core product lines. We are continuing with innovative product development which will branch out into other areas of the lighting market...

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